Children who set fires

Juvenile firesetters

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Surrey Fire and Rescue Service recognises that fires started by children are a cause for concern. Whether the result of a child's curiosity playing with matches or lighters or the act of an angry or deliberate firesetter, every fire can pose a threat to life and property.

In the Firewise Scheme, advisors work with children, with their parents or carers present, to make them aware of the potential consequences of their actions.

Through education, the advisors aim to address firesetting behaviour and reduce the likelihood of children playing with fire in the future.

Tell-tale signs of firesetting behaviour

  • Small burn holes in the carpet
  • Charred paper in sinks and bins
  • Matches or lighters hidden in a child's bedroom
  • An unusual fascination with fire
  • Unexplainable fires in or around your home.

What we recommend

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service believes a child's interest and curiosity about fire must be met with information and education.

  • Teach and practice home fire safety together as a family on a regular basis.
  • Remove fire hazards and temptation from your home.
  • Keep matches and lighters safely out of reach, preferably locked away.
  • Never leave children alone in the house.

Have concerns about a child?

If you have concerns about a child, call our free 24 hour number 0800 456 1095. A few basic details will be taken and one of our team will call you back.

Alternatively, complete the form linked above.