Green careers to look out for

Almost everyone agrees that climate change is real, and it is important that we act urgently to minimise global temperature rises and prepare for a future in a world impacted by climate change. There are a number of things you can do to help tackle climate change, including getting the skills to work in a green job.

What is a green job?

Green jobs focus on reducing greenhouse gases and improving the natural environment. This can include working in companies that create green goods like electric vehicles or companies that reduce the use of natural resources and produce clean energy.

Green jobs already make up 3.7% of Surrey's economy, and this is expected to increase at around 8% per year through to 2030 – that's nearly double the growth of the digital sector in the 2010s. This means Surrey requires lots of people in green jobs with the right skills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across a wide range of sectors and types of roles.

Types of green jobs?

Green jobs vary across a wide range of sectors and types of roles including, installing or maintaining low carbon energy systems and electric vehicle charging systems, and designing new low-energy products and technologies. The facts and stats web page has more information about some of the green jobs available in Surrey.

There is a range of roles for people with different qualification levels and previous experiences. 42% of people in green jobs are educated to degree level and working in technical roles such as engineering and science. Certain qualifications can be helpful in getting a green job, especially science, engineering and business – see the skills, resources and courses web page for more details.

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