What is Low carbon across the South and East (LoCASE) and why green your business

Helping Surrey businesses get greener and grow with grant funding support: Low carbon across the South and East (LoCASE).

The LoCASE programme is closing in June 2023. Registrations are now closed.

We have a free course Net Zero 360 whihc is available and running in Reigate on 9 June - Net Zero 360: Roadmap to your Business' Net Zero Journey - Day course Tickets, Fri 9 Jun 2023 9am.

What is LoCASE?

If you're a small and medium sized business, LoCASE can help you get greener, more competitive, profitable and future ready. LoCASE offers grants from £1,000 and up to £20,000, covering up to 40% of eligible costs, along with environmental training and events; giving you the tools and means to build a more sustainable business. Grants are calculated based on CO2e savings and additionality such as job created, innovation,...

LoCASE could support your business in 2 ways:


LoCASE application for grant is now closed.

LoCASE grants support an investment in energy efficiency measures such as changing to LED lighting, insulation, installing air source heat pump or solar photovoltaic panels, changing equipment to more efficient versions, purchasing a second-hand electric vehicle, IT systems and more. If your business falls within the 'green' business category you could apply for a business support grant for project such as marketing, website design and build but also research and product development.

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Training and Advice

LoCASE offers businesses free training and advice about how to green your business, become more energy efficient, develop a more sustainable business, reduce costs and secure new customers. We offer a range of free training for your business in finance, sales development and marketing. Our Steps in Environment Management courses give you the opportunity to build your understanding and knowledge, develop personalised plans and gain accreditation.

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Why green your business?

There are many reasons for why you should green your business. From making your business more profitable to being a more attractive supplier or partner, to future proofing your business, helping Surrey reach the goal of net zero carbon by 2050 or just doing the right thing. We have just listed a few:

Energy costs pressure – Energy prices are rising. Wholesale energy prices, what providers pay for gas and electricity, have reached an all-time high. Energy providers have begun to pass on those costs leading to price increase for businesses.

Cost saving – By implementing energy efficiency measures to lower energy consumption, the average SME could reduce its energy bill by 18 to 25% with an average payback of less than 1.5 years.

Future readiness - A third of large companies use CO2e in decision making. This will only increase as large companies need to start reporting on it from 2022.

Competitivity – a large majority of people want more sustainable products. And you will also help you attract and retain talent.

Access - By 2030 the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and vans will be banned. Many vehicles already have limited access with expanding 'ultra low emission' and 'low emission' zones.

LoCASE has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of European Structural Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014 to 2020 with a £30million fund, and is being delivered through a partnership between Kent County Council, Surrey County Council, and other councils and universities in the South East.

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