User Voice and Participation opportunities

Find out more about updates from the User Voice and Participation (UVP) team as well as opportunities you can get involved in.

Join the User Voice training team

We are looking for the next generation of trainers to support us with delivering training courses to professionals working with children and young people as well as interviewing workers applying for jobs with young people like you.

Recruit Crew

The UVP team are looking for service experienced children and young people aged between 13 and 25 who would like to be trained to join our 'Recruit Crew' to be part of interview panels for staff working with children and young people. Once you have completed this training, you may be contacted by UVP with opportunities to sit on future interview panels.

Taking part in this workshop will help you to:

  • learn what is involved in being an interviewer
  • find out the process of interviews and how to write interview questions
  • give feedback to candidates
  • build your confidence and to gain skills that look amazing on your CV

Train the Trainer

This workshop is for children and young people aged between 12 and 25 who are interested in helping to deliver UVP training courses such as Total Respect and Our Perspective to professionals working with young people who are accessing services. Once you have completed this training, you may be contacted by UVP with opportunities to take part in future training courses run by the team.

Taking part in this workshop will help you to:

  • learn new skills
  • gain confidence
  • add vital experience to their CV
  • find out about opportunities to paid once they are trained to deliver courses to professionals. The rates for under-18s is £6.50 an hour and for over-18s is £8.50 an hour.

The UVP team are currently planning the next Train the Trainer and Recruit Crew workshops, the dates will be promoted once confirmed. If you would like to express your interest, request further information or sign onto our waiting list, simply send an email with your name, email address and contact number to

The User Voice employment opportunities mail out

Are you a young person who is looking for new employment opportunities or work experience? Maybe you are looking to do something different with your education, employment or training. Look no further as the UVP team have now started a dedicated monthly email that contains some amazing opportunities for CYP to learn new skills, gain work experience and find out what vacancies are out there.

If you or a young person would like to sign up and never miss an email, please send your details to

Open University Course: The MoneySavingExpert Academy of Money

The Open University (OU) has joined forces with MoneySavingExpert (MSE) to produce a new free course to give you the skills and knowledge to master your finances. The course was written by the OU, with MSE providing support and guidance.

Packed with videos, audios, quizzes and activities, the course covers all the key aspects of personal finance in six sessions of study that each take around two hours to complete. The course starts by looking at how to be savvy when spending money and the different pressures can influence what consumers buy. The course also looks at budgeting and the impact of tax on household finances.

To sign up to complete this free course, visit the Open University website. You will need to create an account before starting the course.

Members of the User Voice and Participation Team have completed the training. Read below about what they had to say.

"The training was very helpful and useful to do. However, it was very long winded and would take a lot of patience to complete but it is worth it as I learnt a lot. For example, I now know that a fixed rate mortgage is the best option for a mortgage."

"This training was very insightful and opened my mind to all of the things I need to be thinking about to prepare myself financially for the future. I am so happy I have completed this training as it has given me a lot more knowledge around saving my money, opening accounts, and sorting out a mortgage. I would encourage anyone to take this training as it is great and prepares you for what to expect in the future."