Projects run by CYA (CAMHS Youth Advisors)

RAISE – Raising Awareness In Schools through Experience

This project aims to deliver presentations to schools to talk about SEND/emotional health & wellbeing and reducing the stigma amongst young people. This can be done in a classroom setting or in assemblies.

Our Perspective – Mandatory training for all CYPS (Children and Young people services) staff

Our Perspective is a one and a half day training course, which is centred on individual and group activities, to tackle serious issues in a fun interactive way. The main aim of this is to give professionals a better perspective and understanding of what it is currently like to be a young person going through mental health services in Surrey and to help improve the services that young people receive.

Recruit Crew – Training young people to be a part of an interview panel to help recruit professionals for children’s services

Children and young people are training to take part in the recruitment and induction of staff across emotional wellbeing roles and services in Surrey. Young people’s involvement in interviewing of CAMHS staff is a mandatory part of the recruitment process.

SSHAW – Young people deliver 3 hour safeguarding and self harm awareness workshops to the 5 acute hospitals in Surrey

These are to nurses, paediatricians and ward staff. They share their own personal experiences of attending A&E in a crisis as well as sharing tips, coping mechanisms to also share with other young people. We offer out a tool kit to all attendees, this includes a fact sheet with all services available to young people in crisis, tips for care and even how to talk and approach young people.

CYA Awards – The team support children and young people in CYA to facilitate a large scale Annual Awards ceremony every year in April.

Children and young people across CAMHS Services nominate professionals, and professionals nominate children and young people. Every nominee is invited to the awards and the evening is usually attended by 300/350 people each year.

Our Voice Magazine – Magazines with specific topics for young people, written by young people.

The team support children and young people across Surrey to create articles and contribute to the collation and design material for a magazine, that is written by young people for young people. Find the magazines on the ‘Our Voice’ page!

If you want to get involved in our projects and know more about what we do, please get in touch with us by visiting the contact page!