Helping Families Early Webinars Supporting Family Resilience

The following webinars have been put together to provide information and resources for practitioners working with children, young people and families, as well as for families and others concerned with the health, wellbeing and development of children in Surrey.

This page will be updated whenever new webinars become available.

Parents as partners webinar

Parents usually know their children's emotional needs, struggles and strengths more deeply than anyone else. Children are more likely to develop healthy and happy ways of being in the world when their parents can love, care and inspire them, within close family relationships. All parents need thoughtful, kind and experienced support to enable them to keep on responding sensitively to their children's needs. It is exhausting being a parent!

So how DO we work effectively with parents? This webinar is all about making partnerships with parents for the benefit of children. We will discuss the principles of 'Parents as Partners' as key foundation stones. We will also share tools and tips for how to approach a meeting with a parent for the first time.

Spoiler alert: we will be showing a world premiere of a scenario between a practitioner and parent, acted by your very own steering group. This will enable us to reflect on what is really going on when we are making a meaningful connection with a parent, step by step.

Helping children thrive after lockdown webinar

This webinar has been created to help viewers better understand of the potential impact of COVID-19 on attachment, child development and all types of transition, including returning to 'normal life' and managing the changes brought about by the pandemic. You will also hear about the information and support available for parents and carers, and where you can signpost families needing additional help.

The webinar is led by Dr Kathryn Hollins, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist for babies, children and families and the First Thousand Days Programme. It includes contributions from a range of health and early years professionals, as well as from families.

Children and families have had very different experiences of living through the COVID-19 pandemic and the various periods of lockdown. Some have enjoyed spending more time as a family, away from the pressures of daily life. But for many it has brought isolation from their wider support network of family and friends, and in some cases money worries, bereavement and increased pressure on parental and family relationships.

As restrictions begin to lift and children and families begin to socialise again, start nursery or school, we may begin to see an impact on children's behaviour and the anxieties and concerns of parents and families.

Helping children thrive after lockdown is available to watch in its entirety on YouTube and a full transcript is available here, or you can watch contributions from individual participants by following the links below:

Other useful resources

Resources from Dr. Kathryn Hollins' Keynote presentation


UK organisations for first 1000 days and early childhood



  • Dan Siegel, The Whole-Brain Child
  • Hoffman, Cooper and Powell, Raising a secure child: how circle of security parenting can help you nurture your child's attachment, emotional resilience and freedom to explore
  • Steve Biddulph, 10 things girls need most to grow up strong and free

Resources from Sally Rogers' Therapy Services Presentation

Other online resources

Helping Families Early Webinar

The Helping Families Early Webinar was recorded in November 2020. The webinar introduces Surrey's revised Early Help Assessment, guidance and training for practitioners. You can download a full transcript of the Helping Families Early webinar or watch the webinar below.

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