Transition from children to adult social care

Transition is when young people with disabilities start planning for life as an adult. They will move from services for children, to services for adults. This usually starts from the age of 14 and is also known as preparation for adulthood.

Those working with you up to the age of 18 will provide the adult social care Transition Team with your information. This will mean we can start to plan with you to find out if you can be supported by adult social care when you turn 18.

To achieve this, all those involved in your life will work together with you to help you to plan your future. This includes your family, teachers, special education needs and disabilities (SEND) case officers, social care workers and health workers.

How do I let the Transition Team know about me?

If you have an Education, Health and Care Plan (also known as EHCP) and a diagnosed disability, the Transition Team accept referrals from:

  • Your children's social worker
  • Your SEND case officer
  • Your children's occupational therapist (OT)

Your SEND case officer should make a referral on your behalf to the adult social care Transition Team before you turn 16. Ask your school or college if you are not sure who is your SEND case officer, or to check this has happened.

If you are a professional from another sector, please contact one of the above to discuss a referral.

Your EHCP school reviews

We know you will be starting to discuss your future, including your aims and goals, with your family, teachers, and other people important to you. This will happen at your annual EHCP reviews.

Once we have your referral, the Transition Team will start working with you and people who know you well, to gain views about your future. This includes your education choices, how and where you want to live, plans for after education, your relationships and future life. It is also important for us to know what support you need to be able to achieve your goals for the future.

Usually this starts in your year 9 EHCP review. We will provide you and your family with information about how the Transition team could help you to start planning for your future once you turn 18. Working alongside your teachers and SEND case officer, we will support you in your EHCP Reviews. This is also known as Preparing for Adulthood. You will see us again at your year 11 EHCP review.

We hope that by giving you information early, you and your family will have time to look at all the appropriate options available locally.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Surrey Adult Social Care Transition team, the services we provide, or wider questions about Adult Social Care please call 01276 800270 or email for an informal chat.