The needs assessment process

If our Children's Services team believes your child is eligible for support we will carry out an 'assessment of need'.

The assessment is carried out by one of our social workers who will talk with:

  • you
  • your family
  • your children, if they are able to be involved
  • and other people who know your family – including teachers and your doctor.

Their findings will be written in a report that will say the support you need and if we can help. You will receive a copy of the report.

Sometimes we are required to share information on children and young people we come into contact with, with government departments. Our privacy notice explains more.

If your child is eligible for support

Your social worker will draw up a care plan, with you, listing all your child's needs and the help that should be provided. This will be regularly reviewed to keep it up to date. The care plan will state the best way of meeting your child's needs, possibly involving both statutory and voluntary organisations.

In creating the plan, the social worker will make sure that your needs and your family's are considered and different options discussed, including the cost of providing any service agreed and any contribution required from you.

  • Updated: 01 Oct 2014