Registering a disabled child and arranging a needs assessment

Surrey Children's Disability Register

Registering your child on the Surrey Children's Disability Register helps us identify and plan for the needs of children and young people with disabilities as well as those of their parents and carers.

The register also operates as a contact list to provide information and consultation about short break opportunities, funded by Surrey County Council, through the Surrey Short Breaks for Disabled Children Team.

Registration is voluntary and is not linked to or a requirement of receiving social care services, which are assessed separately.

To register your child, please complete the online SCDR registration form. You can also email us at or call 01372 832896 for more details.

Needs assessment

Your child may be eligible for support from social services. Because we can only help those most in need, we first carry out an initial assessment. If this shows you are eligible, we will refer you and your family for a further assessment to find out what your needs are and if we can help.

Please contact our Children's Services team to ask for an assessment of your child's social care needs.

If we aren't able to help we will always try to refer you to other sources of support and help.