Care for your child with additional needs and disabilities

If your child has a disability there are various types of care support available.

  • Social care, for those with greatest need, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, equipment, support for the family, day care, play and leisure, residential care placements and/or short breaks. The nature of your child's disability, how severe it is and whether our assessment finds that your child meets our eligibility criteria all affect whether your child can receive our services. Even if your child isn't eligible we will try to identify support offered by other local organisations.
  • Short breaks for disabled children.
  • Mindworks Surrey promoting emotional well-being and delivering preventative services and treatment to children and young people with mental health difficulties – and its HOPE service.
  • Childcare providers must, by law, offer extra support to meet the needs of a child with a disability. If your child needs additional facilities, staff or help to accept a childcare place, the childcare provider can apply to our early years and childcare service for extra funding.