Personal Education Plans - ePEPs

We have implemented an electronic PEP process for Surrey's looked after children utilising a secure web Portal maintained by Welfare Call, the same organisation that currently contacts schools on a daily basis to collect attendance data for every pupil.

The Portal has many advantages including direct access to the system from any web browser at a time and place convenient to each individual; no transfer of paperwork between parties and an excellent tracking system in place to highlight the areas of the PEP not yet complete.

The ePEP also holds valuable contact information, again available at any time, and will be a real time saver as much of the standard information will transfer automatically between PEPs.

The PEP can be downloaded as a blank document, as a completed page or a completed document. This flexibility will allow you to plan how best to run the process in your individual establishments allowing, for example the Pupil Voice page to be given/shared away from an electronic device if preferred, and enable a finalised document to be part of a child's school record.

The system operates by assigning the Designated Teacher in school; most appropriate adult in college and the relevant social worker to each child or student in that establishment.  From there, if it is more appropriate, the system has the capability to allow 'delegation' of other members of staff within each establishment - a flexible feature proving to be extremely useful.  This system will rely on having the latest information recorded.

Social workers will gain access to the Portal through internal arrangements - however if you are a Designated Teacher or colleague from an education or training provider, access to an e-PEP will be given by emailing the Virtual School.  We will verify your request before arranging access to the Portal.

When you have received your username and password you will be able to gain access to the secure portal.