The TreeHouse Hub, specialist foster care for teenagers

We are looking for specialist foster carers for children who are supported by The TreeHouse Hub.

TreeHouse Hub foster carers are central to the service. They make a real difference to teenagers who need extra support and give them the chance to have a family life. It is a unique opportunity to be part of a bigger team that wraps-around young people when they need it most.

What is the TreeHouse Hub?

The TreeHouse Hub supports and looks after teenagers who are in care or who are on the edge of being in care. These young people often have difficulties or risks in their lives.

The Hub is a group of services and people that includes:

  • foster carers
  • support workers
  • life coaches
  • communication workers
  • police officers

If needed, young people might come to stay in the hub children's home or live with hub foster carers until they can return home, or they move to their own place. We believe all young people should have the chance to be supported in a family and TreeHouse Hub foster carers are part of making this happen.
The whole team works closely together to focus on finding solutions to the things that are causing young people problems, helping keep them safer, repairing relationships and thinking about short and long-term goals.

How does the TreeHouse Hub work?

The TreeHouse Hub is based on a model called No Wrong Door™. North Yorkshire County Council, along with its partners, created No Wrong Door™. It is a nationally recognised way of supporting teenagers and their families which has a 'core offer' to young people, and eight 'non-negotiables' in how the team support young people.

What you need to become a TreeHouse Hub foster carer

  • To be an approved foster carer or complete a foster care assessment
  • You need to be available full-time
  • You must have a spare bedroom in your home
  • If you have children, you will need to be open to us looking into the impact being a hub foster carer could have on them
  • Have experience working with teenagers
  • Commit to training and working as part of the Hub
  • Be open to building relationships

What are the benefits of becoming a TreeHouse Hub foster carer?

  • You will be a central part of a team with access to training and supervision
  • There is specialist training to give you everything you will need to support young people
  • You will be paid £520 per week and the weekly fostering allowance when a young person is living with you
  • You can have a paid 4-week break from caring
  • You will have a flexible 'bank' job contract to enable you to work in the TreeHouse Hub when a child is not living with you
  • Professional supervision
  • 24-hour advice and practical support from the TreeHouse Hub team

If you are interested in finding out more about No Wrong Door™ or becoming a Treehouse Hub foster carer, please contact us