Trading Standards Service Delivery Plan

Our purpose

The Trading Standards service exists to:

  • protect individuals, communities and businesses from harm and financial loss
  • help business to thrive by maintaining a Fair Trading environment
  • improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities
  • fulfil our statutory responsibilities to deliver consumer and public protection services across Buckinghamshire and Surrey

Our challenges and opportunities

We will need to help local businesses and residents respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by Britain's exit from the EU. Engaging with the developing new Unitary Buckinghamshire Council will be an important priority so that we maximise the benefits of working across more services. We need to continue to build on the benefits of a joint Trading Standards service, identifying opportunities for growth whilst continuing to reduce the cost to residents.

An ongoing and increasing challenge is to work with others to tackle organised cross border consumer crime, rogue traders, scams, and the growth of electronic crime. In doing so we need to ensure we protect the most vulnerable in our communities who are often deliberately targeted and exploited.

Our key actions

We will support the delivery of Buckinghamshire Council's strategic aims, and the Community Vision for Surrey in 2030.

For Surrey this means we will support ambitions for both People and Place; enabling people to live healthy and fulfilling lives, contribute to their community and not be left behind; enabling the County's economy to be strong, vibrant and successful with communities feeling supported and people able to support each other.

For Buckinghamshire this means we will support the aims to: Safeguard Our Vulnerable; Create Opportunities and Build Self Reliance; and Ensure Buckinghamshire is Thriving and Attractive.

Our Key Actions will be:

  • Protecting the most vulnerable: Tackling deceptive and unfair trading practices, scams, rogue traders and serious and organised crime. Increasing financial savings for residents.
  • Helping businesses to thrive and supporting economic growth: Supporting businesses to comply with their legal responsibilities. Enhancing public protection by expanding our chargeable business support services and increasing the number and impact of our business partnerships.
  • Improving wellbeing and public health; tackling the supply of unsafe or dangerous products, and working to maintain the integrity of the food chain, including food quality and nutrition, and animal health.
  • Developing and supporting our staff to strengthen the service we can deliver for residents and businesses.