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Trading Standards strategic teams

There are many aspects to our work from business advice through to legal enforcement.

Intelligence and prioritisation team

Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards is intelligence driven meaning that we use information given to use from the public, business, partner agencies and other intelligence units for formulise and prioritise our work.

Legal and investigations team

Our legal and enforcement teams undertake a variety of work including civil and criminal investigations, advocacy and financial investigations. We ensure that our service maintains professional standards and upholds our highly regarded reputation.

Business development team

One of our priorities is supporting economic growth. We do this by offering business advice and education and by entering into partnerships with businesses via the Primary Authority scheme. We also run trader accreditation schemes ensuring legal compliance and consumer protection.

Public health and compliance team

We contribute to the national Public Health priorities including by tackling poor food quality and nutrition; illegal sales of age restricted products; reducing harm from the use and consumption of unsafe products; animal health inspections; and carrying out weights and measures checks