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Prosecutions and other court actions

Please note: This information is made available for a limited period in order to promote the openness, transparency and accountability of the criminal justice system to the people it serves. This information is made available solely on the basis that it is for the individual use of the person who has accessed this page. The information on this page must not be stored, recorded, republished or otherwise processed without the explicit agreement of Surrey County Council.

28 October 2019High Wycombe Magistrates' CourtOn various occasions Trading Standards officers attended a farm where animal carcasses and bones were found present and not disposed of in the appropriate way. Enforcement notices were issued but not complied with. Charged with five counts contrary to the Animal (By-Products) Regulations. Found guilty of all offences. Fined £500 for the two offences of failing to dispose of the animal by products and no separate penalty for the other three offences.
4 September 2019High Wycombe Magistrates' CourtPossessed criminal property namely the sums of £5,500 and £6,600 in his account knowing or suspecting the said sums represented criminal benefit.26 weeks custody reduced to 18 months suspended for 24 months. Condition to attend five rehabilitation days. Contribution to prosecution costs of £500.
3 July 2019Guildford Crown CourtThe defendant appeared at court to face four charges of money laundering, The offences relate to a Surrey resident who was the victim of an alleged fraud by persons unknown. The victim was persuaded to agree to gardening and building work at his home. He was initially asked to pay £12,000 for the work that was carried out and was told to make it payable to the defendant's bank account. The cheques were paid in and around a week later the money was withdrawn. Soon afterwards the victim was asked to pay a further £20,000 and was again instructed to make it payable to the defendant's bank account. Contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.The Judge explained that the persons unknown remain unidentified but the defendant was identified because the cheques were paid into her bank accounts. He imposed a term of 12 weeks imprisonment reduced to 10 weeks to reflect guilty plea suspended for 12 months. The sentence was imposed for all four counts but are to run concurrently.
22 May 2019Guildford Crown CourtA guilty plea was entered to the charge of participating in a fraudulent business of miss-selling insulation to home owners throughout the south of England. Contrary to Companies Act 2006 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.Sentenced to three years immediate custody half of which will be served on licence.
17 May 2019 Kingston Crown CourtA Mercedes vehicle was purchased at auction and subsequently the mileage was clocked to a lower figure and advertised for sale at an inflated price to reflect the lower mileage in order to make a financial gain. One defendant was found guilty by a jury and was sentenced to four months custody suspended for 12 months. The other defendant was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and this will run concurrently with the four years he received for similar counts that were admitted to in Kingston Crown Court.
13 May 2019Guildford Magistrates' CourtA trader entered a guilty plea in relation to illicit tobacco sales. Trading standards together with Surrey police found a total number of 81 illicit tobacco pouches on the premises. Contrary to Trade Marks Act, Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 and Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations.Fined a total of £3,066 and a collection order was made for this amount to be paid to the court within 28 days. Full prosecution costs of £1,780 awarded and a forfeiture and deprivation order was made