Report a fraud or a scam online


Report a fraud

Frauds that can be reported include:

  • Banking fraud.
  • Business fraud.
  • Buying and investment scams.
  • Charity and competition frauds.
  • Advance fee fraud.
  • Identity fraud and theft.
  • Online fraud.

Find out more about these types of fraud by visiting the Action Fraud website.


Report a scam to trading standards

A scam is a scheme to con people out of their money. You can receive them by advert, email, internet, phone, post or even by someone knocking on your door.

Scams that can be reported include:

  • cold calling doorstep traders,
  • rogue traders,
  • scam or fraud
  • unsafe products,
  • scam mail and emails,
  • underage sales,
  • counterfeit products and
  • loan sharks etc

When reporting a scam or fraud please try to give as much as information as possible, even if you think it is not relevant or important. Please note you can remain anonymous if you wish.

By reporting a scam we can identify local trends and warn others through our social media channels such as: Twitter, Facebook and our TS Alerts.

If you would like advice, please call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133 or contact them online via the Citizen advice contact us page.

Report other dubious business or criminal activities

Report any other dubious business or criminal activity

You can report any criminal activity online anonymously to Crimestoppers.