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Door step no cold calling zones in Surrey

A 'no cold calling zone' is an area in which residents have stated they do not wish to receive unsolicited visits to their homes (cold calls) from businesses.

The zones were set up by Trading Standards working in partnership with the local Police, Neighbourhood Watch and borough or district councils.

Street signs are erected at all access points to the zone to alert potential callers that they are in a no cold calling zone. Residents were all provided with stickers to display on their front doors to make callers aware that the area is a No Cold Calling Zone and that the resident will not deal with them.

Although, we are no longer establishing new 'no cold calling zones', there are no current plans to remove existing zones. We will continue to send letters out to cold calling doorstep traders that ignore the zones.

We encourage all residents within the existing zones to display our new stickers to stop cold callers. This will ensure consistency and make it easier for traders to recognise the universal sticker.

If you want to find out more about stopping cold caller and get our new sticker pack, please see our webpage: Cold caller sticker scheme.

Not every borough/district has a "No Cold Calling Zone". We have "No Cold Calling Zones" in:

Runnymede, Spelthorne and Surrey Heath

There are no "No Cold Calling Zones" in these areas and we are not setting up any new zones. Instead, we encourage our residents to use our no cold calling door sticker. Display this sticker on your property to send a clear message that you do not want cold calling traders. More information is available online including how to get hold of a no cold calling sticker pack.