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Rogue traders scams and cold callers

Scammers, fraudsters, rogue traders - there are many names for individuals or companies that attempt to obtain money or something else of value by being misleading, coercive or by simply lying.

Rogue traders are generally those who cold call, i.e. knock without invitation and exploit people by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or threatening residents who do not comply.

Scams can take place in a number of different ways such as on your doorstep, via the post, on the phone or on the computer through the internet or email.

We expect traders to respect the wishes of householders. If they do not, it is possible that the trader commits a criminal offence under The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. We also encourage family, friends and neighbours to look out for those around them who are vulnerable and could fall victim to rogue traders or scams.

In the sections below you can find out more about the types of scams you or someone you know may come across, how to spot them and how you can report them.

Remember these three pointers

  • Say NO to doorstep callers.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Unsolicited phone calls - it's not impolite, it's your right to hang up.