What is a door step con?

A doorstep deception or con is when a trader cold calls at your home and persuades you to have work done, that you do not want or need, for example: a roof, driveway, gutters and fascias, or trimming of trees and bushes. Often they say that they just happen to be in the area and can offer you a 'special deal' and quote a very low price. Please note If you agree for the work to be carried out, they are legally required to give you a written notice explaining you have the right to a 14 day cooling off period.

They often target the elderly or vulnerable members of society, pressuring them to allow the work to go ahead immediately. The price will then dramatically increase, usually to several thousand pounds once the work is underway. Many leave once they have been paid, leaving unfinished work and broken promises. On the occasions that they complete any work, this is normally of a very poor standard and often is found to have been totally unnecessary.

Even if the work has been completed and you have paid and it was a few months ago, we can assist you with information and by reporting them to us we can protect others from been conned.

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