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Terms and conditions for business advice

  1. Chargeable business advice is managed and administered by Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Service ("BSTSS") and payment made to Surrey County Council ("SCC").
  2. Upon receipt of your request for advice a named officer will be nominated as your point of contact.  Please see our Business Advice Policy for timescales.
  3. When seeking advice on trading standards matters from BSTSS you and your business, undertake to complete the attached registration form and return it to us before any advice can be given and your enquiry will be dealt with as per our Business Advice Policy. Your named officer will be able to guide you through your query and what this means for you. You may also wish to take independent legal advice.
  4. Your named officer will give you the appropriate guidance and advice on Trading Standards legislation. We will identify the Trading Standards laws that your business needs to be aware of and give you advice in general terms on how you can comply with these laws. This will usually include the provision of leaflets, links to useful websites for help and also discussing some examples of your products and/or services. We will show you how to comply with the law. However, please note we cannot give specific legal advice. You are advised to take independent legal advice for any specific legal issues you may have regarding your particular business.
  5. In asking for business advice you or your business, agree to pay any charges for officer time incurred by BSTSS within twenty-eight (28) days of receiving an itemised invoice from us for the services provided. Our current charges are shown in our webpage: Fees and timescales.
  6. Payment can be made to "Surrey County Council" (HSBC, sort code 40-05-30, account no; 10786292) by cheque, BACS, debit or credit card. Your named officer will be able to offer further advice in respect of this. We regret that SCC is unable to accept cash for the services provided under the Scheme. Please use reference "BA/ (your business name)" on any correspondence.
  7.  In the event that you do not pay SCC the outstanding amount within the prescribed time then SCC may institute civil proceedings against you and/or your business to recover the cost and future services under Scheme will cease to be provided until the outstanding amount is settled in full.
  8. Businesses should be aware that BSTSS and SCC are subject to legal duties which may require the release of information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 or any other applicable legislation or codes that govern access to information and that BSTSS and SCC may be under an obligation to provide such information on request. Such information may include matters relating to, or arising out of this Scheme.
  9. As a general rule BSTSS and SCC will not keep information longer than is necessary and whilst in our possession BSTSS and SCC will safeguard your personal information according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 or any equivalent legislation. 
  10. Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Service is empowered to enforce a variety of civil and criminal statutes. BSTSS has a duty to investigate any allegations of breaches of such legislation and the provision of advice under this Scheme does not affect this duty in any way whatsoever.
  11. The use of the services under the Scheme does not entitle you or your business to use any of  or BSTSS or SCC logo's or claim any affiliation with Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Service in anyway whatsoever.
  12. If you or your business have any complaints or are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided under the Scheme or the timeliness of the information provided to you or your business, then please refer to our Business Advice Policy as to how to make a complaint to BSTSS and follow the SCC complaints procedure or Buckinghamshire complaints procedure.
  13. These Terms and Conditions will be subject to review from time to time.

For further help or information please contact Business Advice Line by telephone: 0300 123 2329 or email:

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