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The Contract Register

Update August 2016 - The Contract Register is currently undergoing maintenance.

During this time details of our contracts valued over £5000 are available in quarterly reports available on the Open Data pages of the website. Please use these reports whilst the maintenance continues.

The register contains details of:

  • all trade contracts over £50,000 let from 1 January 2011
  • all contracts over £50,000 let before 1 January 2011that are still live.

It doesn't contain:

  • the contract documentation
  • all contracts/purchases under £50,000. These are, at a minimum, covered by our standard Terms and Conditions, as referred to on all our purchase orders and available online.

Publishing contract information is part of our commitment to doing business in an open and transparent way. If you are considering sending a Freedom of Information request about the data we hold, the register and other reports we publish may answer your question and save you time. See the other data reports we publish.

How to use the register

You can either scroll through the full list of contracts or search the database by:

  • contract title
  • supplier
  • contracts available for use by Surrey's districts, boroughs and schools
  • service area, such as Human Resources or Property

Information included in the register

  • contract title/description
  • supplier name and contact
  • contract value
  • expiry date
  • responsible officer
  • reference number
  • who can use the contract