Public Weighbridge Operator's certificate

To operate a public weighbridge, you must have a certificate of competence issued by our Chief Weights and Measures Inspector and you must have sufficient knowledge for the proper performance of your duties.

What are the conditions related to obtaining a Public Weighbridge Operator's Certificate?

Applicants for a certificate will be tested verbally and practically by an Inspector and will be required to show that they can:

  • operate the weighbridge satisfactorily;
  • complete any weighbridge tickets and associated documentation satisfactorily;
  • understand basic terms associated with the operation of a weighbridge;
  • understand their duties as a weighbridge operator;
  • understand potential frauds which may unknowingly be assisted by a weighbridge operator;
  • understand how the accuracy of the weighbridge may be affected; and
  • perform simple arithmetic (use of a calculator is permitted).

Further details of requirements can be found in our Guidance for Public Weighbridge Operator's.

How do I apply to be tested in order to attain a Public Weighbridge Operator's Certificate?

Before applying for a test, you must ensure that you have received sufficient training in the operation of the equipment and that you have completed a Public Weighbridge Operators application form (PDF) which you can download or complete on line via the website. This document will be required by the Inspector when he/she tests you.

What is the cost associated with obtaining a Public Weighbridge Operator's Certificate?

Please refer to our hourly rate on our fees list

What if I have any queries, concerns or complaint?

For further advice and information contact our Trading Standards department via

Weighbridge locations

You can find your local weighbridge via Gov.UK

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