Upcoming coroner hearings

Coronavirus: Virtual attendance at Coroner's Court hearings

By reason of the difficulties imposed by the need for social distancing, public attendance at the Coroner's Court has been put on hold until later in the year. However, the Coroners and their staff have been working hard so that, where possible, public hearings have continued with interested persons, the public and the press being able to attend remotely. This has ensured that, for many, the Inquest process has continued and will continue to support bereaved families and all those involved. Anyone wishing to attend a hearing should contact the Court on 01483 404510 or 01483 404944, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Please note: the normal prohibition against recording hearings still applies, including recording virtual court proceedings on your computer or any other device, and any breach may amount to a contempt of court, which would be punishable by a fine, imprisonment or both.

Updated: 10 Jul 2020

Please note:

  • Time indicates the start of court session and we are unable to guarantee timings of individual inquest hearings.
  • We cannot allocate specific times for most inquests heard on a documentary basis (documentary evidence with no witnesses attending). These will be heard before, between or after those inquests with witnesses attending.
  • Additional cases may be heard at short or no notice and cases may be withdrawn at short notice.

Hearing type key: O= Opening | W=Witness | D=Documentary | J=Jury | PIR=Pre-Inquest Review

Time key: U = Unspecified, any time during court opening hours (10am to 4pm).

DateTimeCoronerNameAge Date of death Place of death Hearing
13 Jul10amMr R TraversMadala Zumoh WASHINGTON251 Apr 2016BisleyPIR
13 Jul10amMs C ToppingJack Harrison MILLS241 March 2020GuildfordD
13 JulUMs C ToppingStephen Andrew KIRWAN5728 May 2019Broomsfield Hospital, Chelmsford D
13 JulUMs C ToppingJune Susan MARSH5730 August 2018East Surrey HospitalD
13 Jul11amMs C ToppingMargaret Amy Proctor HILL 92 07 Apr 2020 Caterham D
13 Ju12pm Ms C ToppingEdward Arthur SCARLETT 95 11 Jun 2019 East Surrey Hospital D
13 Jul2pmMs C ToppingMatthew Shahrom HADDAD3328 May 2018CamberleyD
14 JulUMr S WickensSebastian NOTTAGE 26 30 Jun 2020Nr East Surrey Hospital O
15 Jul10:30amMr S WickensRachel Ellen Jean CLARK 20 1 Jan 2020 Stanwell D
15 Jul10:30amMr S WickensDominic Sebastian FELL 23 1 Jan 2020 Stanwell D
15 Jul10:30amMr S WickensJoseph Gwilyim FINNIS 25 1 Jan 2020 StanwellD
22 Jul12.30pmDr K HendersonAnna Maria MINTERN632 Feb 2020GodalmingD
22 Jul1.30pmDr K HendersonJohn Alan GODFREY741 Aug 2019AshfordD
22 Jul2pmDr K HendersonCharles BEARE372 Jan 2018Sri LankaPIR
22 JulUDr K HendersonLuke Christopher MANNING4617 Mar 2020GuildfordD
22 JulUDr K HendersonJason Dean REED4027 Jan 2019EghamD
24 Jul10amMs A LoxtonDaryl James Henry BRIMFIELD2729 Aug 2019SuttonPIR
24 Jul11amMs A Loxton

Martin Stephen Ross COX

6021 Sep 2019Epsom General HospitalPIR
27 Jul10amMr D StewartRaymond FISHER5418 Aug 2018WokingPIR
27 Jul11.30amMr D StewartTerry ROBERTS5422 April 2018Epsom General HospitalPIR
27 Jul1pmMr D StewartBenjamin CHIERIGHINI3831 Dec 2018LeatherheadPIR
29 Jul11amDr K HendersonLiam Stephen VENABLES185 Nov 2019GuildfordD
29 JulUDr K HendersonBryan John OAKES7915 Jan 2020GoldalmingD
29 JulUDr K HendersonFreddie JONES3012 March 2020Ash ValeD
29 JulUDr K HendersonBryan BOOKER5924 April 2020GuildfordD
29 JulUDr K HendersonEdward Patrick CLAY883 October 2019Epsom General HospitalD
29 JulUDr K HendersonJohn Anthony David SMITH8722 May 2020Epsom General HospitalD
29 JulUDr K HendersonAndrew HARRIS5623 March 2020Staines upon ThamesD
29 JulUDr K HendersonScarlett Ann SMITH3 mths7 March 2020Epsom General HospitalD
30 Jul10.30amMr R TraversAliny Dias Mendes GODINHO398 Feb 2019EwellPIR