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Upcoming coroner hearings

Coronavirus: Virtual attendance at Coroner's Court hearings

By reason of the difficulties imposed by the need for social distancing, public attendance at the Coroner's Court has been put on hold until later in the year. However, the Coroners and their staff have been working hard so that, where possible, public hearings have continued with interested persons, the public and the press being able to attend remotely. This has ensured that, for many, the Inquest process has continued and will continue to support bereaved families and all those involved. Anyone wishing to attend a hearing should contact the Court on 01483 404510 or 01483 404944, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Please note: the normal prohibition against recording hearings still applies, including recording virtual court proceedings on your computer or any other device, and any breach may amount to a contempt of court, which would be punishable by a fine, imprisonment or both.

Updated: 22 May 2020

Please note:

  • Time indicates the start of court session and we are unable to guarantee timings of individual inquest hearings.
  • We cannot allocate specific times for most inquests heard on a documentary basis (documentary evidence with no witnesses attending). These will be heard before, between or after those inquests with witnesses attending.
  • Additional cases may be heard at short or no notice and cases may be withdrawn at short notice.

Hearing type key: O= Opening | W=Witness | D=Documentary | J=Jury | PIR=Pre-Inquest Review

Time key: U = Unspecified, any time during court opening hours (10am to 4pm).

DateTimeCoronerNameAge Date of death Place of death Hearing
26 MayUMr S WickensStephen NICOLAOU5124 Nov 2019EghamO
26 MayUMr S WickensStephen NICOLAOU5124 Nov 2019EghamD
27 MayUMs C ToppingTerence MATTHEWS7918 May 2019East Surrey HospitalD
27 MayUMs C ToppingOliver DINSDALE2310 Nov 2018WokingD
27 MayUMs C ToppingGeorge KELSEY7813 Sep 2019Royal Surrey County HospitalD
29 MayUDr K HendersonRita MILLS7104 Jan 2020St Peter's Hospital, AshfordD
29 MayUDr K HendersonKamil CIESIOLKA2828 May 2019GuildfordD
29 MayUDr K HendersonRonald GOLD8305 May 2019FarnhamD
29 MayUDr K HendersonKathleen GOLD7805 May 2019FarnhamD
29 MayUDr K HendersonRaymond MAYNARD8002 Sep 2019Sunbury on ThamesD
29 MayUDr K HendersonPaul COOPER6118 Dec 2019SheppertonD
3 JuneUDr K HendersonAlexander GRIMSTON3924 May 2019GuildfordD
3 JuneUDr K HendersonPeter GITTINGS8921 Sep 2019GuildfordD
3 JuneUDr K HendersonGerard BROWNE6730 Oct 2019St George's Hospital, TootingD
3 June12pmDr K HendersonPaul RAWLINSON5612 April 2019ZurichD