Fair Cost of Care overview for home care providers

The government wants to establish a sustainable care market and will provide funding to support local councils pay a fair rate for care. Read the policy paper: Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund: purpose and conditions 2022 to 2023 (GOV.UK).

We urgently need to work with home care providers to understand the costs for providing quality and sustainable care in Surrey.

We are asking home based care providers to complete a financial modelling exercise for the past two financial years. The deadline is 29 July 2022.

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How do I take part?

Please fill in and send us two interactive spreadsheets by 29 July 2022:

  1. Local Government Association (LGA) interactive spreadsheet to help you calculate your cost of care. Find out more and fill it in: Homecare cost of care toolkit
  2. Surrey County Council interactive spreadsheet to support market sustainability and help with short term spending plans. Download the spreadsheet and fill it in: Supplementary questions for home based care providers [XLS]

The Excel spreadsheets may be difficult for some people to view and complete, particularly if using accessibility software such as a screen reader. Please email asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk if you need help viewing or using the file.

Once completed, please send the spreadsheets to asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk.

Where can I get help?


Please see the Cost of Care Toolkit website for help to model the cost of homecare services.

Download an example of a completed Cost of Care exercise spreadsheet: Fair Cost of Care exercise example data for home care costing tool (XLS)

This Excel spreadsheet may be difficult for some people to view and complete, particularly if using accessibility software such as a screen reader. Please email asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk if you need help viewing or using the file.

Attend a drop in session

These take place on MS Teams. Click on the relevant date and time below to join the meeting:

Campbell and Tickell providers

Campbell and Tickell have made some time to offer providers 1-1 support. Please email asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk to arrange a time slot.

Other enquiries

Please email asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk

Can you guarantee we will see an increase in our rates?

We may adjust rates where needed. This will be identified by the cost of care exercise we submit to the government.

Our commitment is to complete the submission to government in October 2022 and February 2023. This will set out our plans around:

  • market sustainability
  • use of the funding available and
  • where that funding will be used to adjust rates where the cost of care exercises identifies it is needed.

Who will have access to my data?

We will use the information you provide to establish a shared understanding of the actual costs of delivering home care in Surrey.

In line with the Data Protection Act 2018, we will store your information securely and will not share it with any other party.

We will anonymise any information we share publicly so that individual providers cannot be identified.

We will delete the data once we have completed the exercise.

Why does this exercise need completing when we have the Home Care Association (UKHCA) Minimum Price for Homecare?

The UKHCA Minimum Price for Homecare captures prices paid, not how much it costs to deliver care.

Help filling in the Home Care Costing Tool

Does the exercise include Supported Living or Extra Care?

Supported Living

No, Supported Living is excluded.

Extra Care

Where a staff team is based on site in an extra care facility and they only provide care in that facility, those services are excluded.

If a homecare provider delivers care to a resident of an extra care facility as part of a round, then that call should be included within the model.

What care provisions do I include in the submission?

Please include short visits to support a person living in their own home with daily living tasks.

Please don't include:

  • sit-in
  • extended
  • live-in


You can use existing Electronic call monitoring (ECM) information to help with this.

Do we include the numbers of all our clients and staff?

Only include details that relate to home care delivered within Surrey.

We will ask for additional information to understand the level of clients cared for under different funding arrangements.

If you cannot easily separate these costs, we can accept the whole business return. If you do this, please make this clear to us when you submit your completed toolkit.

If we have multiple branches do we include this in one template?

If you have multiple branches within Surrey, please submit these on separate templates.

Do we complete it if we are not registered within Surrey?

Yes, if you deliver a substantial level of your business within Surrey.

You can check the council responsible for individual postcodes at:

Find your local council (GOV.UK)

Do we complete it if we are not directly commissioned to deliver care by Surrey County Council?

Yes. It's important we receive feedback from as many homecare providers in Surrey.

The results we present to the government have a direct link on the funding we'll receive. We need to present an accurate picture of a fair cost of care in Surrey as this has an impact on all of us.

What period of time should we base our costs on?

Please use April 2021 to March 2022 and the payment period to reflect this, if you can.

We need a 12 month average of only visits and costs for this period.

If you can't use this timeframe, please email asc.fcofc@surreycc.gov.uk so we can discuss options.

Should I use April 2021 to March 2022 if I did not have clients for the full duration of time?

Focus on a shorter timeframe and use this consistently. Ensure you are clear within the Supplementary Information document what time period was used.

Do we base the figures for travel time on the cost or what we pay?

The result should reflect the true cost to the provider, therefore do not worry too much about the figures produced by the template for the "Average travel speed".

Should we include costs of PPE that we got for free?

Only include what you have spent, (PPE requirements in addition to the free PPE issued to providers).

Within the Supplementary Information documentation you are asked to provide an estimated % increase in cost in 2022/23 compared to 2021/22.

Where shall we include expenses that sit outside the template, for example should we include hand gel under PPE costs?

If you include other costs under PPE, please provide this information along with your submission to explain this.

Alternatively, section J allows for other overheads.

Can we submit a partially completed exercise?

Please complete the returns in full. Partial returns may generate an incomplete picture of the cost of care so will not be considered as part of the return.

Files available to download