Adult Social Care directorate strategy

The Adult Social Care and Public Health strategic narrative sets out our vision and key priorities over the next few years. These focus around a personalised, more preventative, community-based care and support system, underpinned throughout by a collaborative approach.

The strategy describes how we will realise our vision and meet the demographic, policy reform and financial challenges ahead, how we need a radical strategic shift in the way we deliver services and a refocus of available resources.

Our vision

To promote people's independence and wellbeing, through personalised care and support that focuses upon their strengths, the outcomes they want to achieve and enables choice and control.

Delivering this vision will mean residents:

  • Have access to information, advice and support in the community to help themselves and each other
  • Build upon their strengths, with the same hopes and aspirations as everyone to work and to live independently
  • Are supported to regain their skills and confidence after an illness or injury, so they can do things for themselves and stay independent
  • Feel safe and experience health, social care and community partners working together to meet their needs.