Equipment for your home

Equipment and technology can help with everything from monitoring your home, to helping you overcome some of the physical barriers in the kitchen, to helping you communicate.

Whatever you are having difficulty with, chances are there is a piece of equipment or technology that you can purchase or hire to help you. Below are pages with some suggestions and ideas on how equipment and technology can help you in your home.

Mobility Aids

If you are looking for mobility aids such as a walking stick or a walking frame, you can speak to your GP to request a referral to physiotherapy. Your GP will be able to discuss referrals to other appropriate services such as the Wheelchair service, Continence service and District nurses.

You can also get advice on what is available to meet your needs and purchase equipment directly from a range of different companies. Search Surrey Information Point to find a local equipment provider.

Some devices need a smartphone or tablet to control them. These fall into two categories Android or Apple. Shops, and their online stores for example John Lewis, Argos, and Curry's sell both smartphones and tablets as do the mobile phone providers e.g. O2, EE, BT Mobile. Tablets and smartphones can also be purchased online through sites like Amazon.

Occupational therapy

If you, or the person you are caring for, is having difficulty carrying out day to day activities, an Occupational Therapist may be able to help. They may suggest alternative methods, recommend or loan equipment to support you to undertake tasks safely within your home and recommend minor or major adaptations. They will also be able to provide information and advice including signposting to appropriate services.

Specialist equipment providers

All the products listed on these pages are either available through specialist equipment providers or from high street shops like John Lewis, Argos, either in store or online or from online retailers like Amazon.

Please note: Please read our disclaimer. We do not endorse or recommend any of the products listed above, they are meant for references purposes only.