Surrey Learning Disability and Autism Programme Board delivery plan 2021 to 2024 contents

Page contents:

Workstream 1: COVID-19 Recovery

Find out about our COVID-19 recovery plan.

  • Testing – service users and staff
  • PPE – ongoing supply and demand
  • Vaccinations
  • Infection control
  • Visits to homes and hospital wards
  • Hospital liaison
  • Day Services reopening

Workstream 2: Transforming Care Performance

Find out about how we are improving care in Surrey.

  • Discharge from Inpatient Hospitals
  • Forensic and secure pathways
  • Care and Treatment Reviews
  • Admission avoidance for example Intensive Support Service

Workstream 3: Financial Resilience and Joint Commissioning Frameworks

Find out about our Financial Resilience and Joint Commissioning Frameworks.

  • Financial resilience across the system
  • Joint pooled budget arrangements, for example Transforming Care Community Discharge Grant
  • Financial support to support Community Discharge and admission avoidance ('Dowry' arrangements)
  • Agreement on specialist services, for example Intensive Support Services

Workstream 4: All Age Autism Strategy

Read our All Age Autism Strategy.

  • Surrey is in the process of developing an all age Autism Strategy
  • Autism Strategy Group
  • Autism Partnership Board Reference group

Workstream 5: Accommodation Remodeling

Download our workstream on Accommodation Remodeling.

  • Links to Surrey County Council Accommodation with Care and Support strategy – that accommodation is appropriate for independent living
  • Specialist accommodation

Workstream 6: Community Inclusion

Find out about our plan to improve community inclusion in Surrey.

  • Reopening and remodelling post C-19
  • Supported Internships
  • Employment support
  • Community outreach
  • Home based care
  • Support to access universal services
  • Transport

Workstream 7: Workforce Support and Development

Find out about our Workforce Support and Development workstream.

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Learning and development, and training
  • Welfare and wellbeing

Workstream 8: Health and wellbeing

Download information about our plans to improve health and wellbeing in Surrey.

  • Health Inequalities Board – reducing health inequalities
  • Health Facilitation – Acute Hospital and Primary Care Liaison
  • Learning from Life and Death Reviews for People with a Learning Disability, LeDer, progress and learning
  • Mental Health access and liaison
  • Annual Health Checks and Health Action Plans

Workstream 9: Co-production and engagement with service users

Find out about our co-production and engagement with service users workstream.

  • Build on to aid the LD and Autism Partnership Boards and Networks
  • Clear communication and engagement programmes of work for example Accommodation with Care and Support
  • Develop the roles of Experts by Experience in Quality Checkers
  • Advocacy
  • Develop Digital Communication and Engagement

Workstream 10: Health and wellbeing of carers

Find out about how we are supporting carers in Surrey.

  • Help and online support for carers
  • Availability of respite/short breaks
  • Work with older carers

Workstream 11: Special Educational Needs (SEND) and Transition

Find out about our Special Educational Needs (SEND) and Transition workstream.

  • Preparation for Adulthood Transformation Programme
  • Years 9 to 13 Transition Planning
  • Health Transition Planning

Workstream 12: Short breaks

Find out about our Short breaks workstream.

Remodeling Short Breaks offer to:

  • Improve equity of access
  • Diversify the offer for example overnight, evening and weekend opportunities and Flexi-break services