Keeping you safe from fire - Information for professionals working with vulnerable adults in their own homes

The 'Keeping you safe from fire' strategy was implemented following an increase in the number of vulnerable adults being harmed by fire in their own homes. There is now a range of resources, equipment, procedures and practices available to domiciliary care workers and any staff involved in supporting people in their own homes.

All adults that may be at greater risk need a referral to the fire service to ensure they receive a free Safe and Well visit and for their specific needs to be evaluated.

Equipment available for adults at risk

  • Specialist smoke alarms which are linked to a Telecare community alarm (which is linked to a 24 hour monitoring station)
  • Specialist gas and heat detectors linked to a Telecare community alarm
  • Fire retardant bedding and furniture throws
  • Vibrating pads and strobe lighting linked a smoke alarm for people who are hard of hearing
  • Cooker shut off systems
  • Portable misting systems
  • Fixed sprinkler and misting systems
  • Stickers to be placed on doors to help the fire service find the person in the event of a fire

To discuss what equipment should be installed to best protect an adult at risk, please use the High Priority Referral form that is available below.

Training materials

A training pack is available to help staff involved in supporting people in their own homes. This includes information on fire risks, safety measures and resources and is available free to all organisations supplying support in Surrey. Please see the Training and Referral commitment for further information.

You can make an online request for a Safe and Well visit or download the High Priority Referral form below and send it to Surrey Fire and Rescue.