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Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board

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What is the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board?

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) is a partnership constituted under the Department of Health guidance: 'No Secrets' (March 2000). The Board has an Independent Chair whose prime duty is to ensure that the main statutory agencies - local councils, the police, Surrey Fire and Rescue and NHS organisations, the independent voluntary sector and people who use our services and carers - work together to safeguard adults at risk of harm.

The safeguarding agenda is much broader than just protecting adults at risk.  It is also about allowing adults to live their lives and make decisions, whilst taking reasonable measures to ensure that risks of harm are minimised, particularly in light of the personalisation of care and support around the needs of the individual.

Important Announcement

On 18 July 2014 the Board published the Serious Case Review Executive Summary into the care, assessments and planning received by Mr D and his family.Please see the Serious Case Review page.

Keeping People Safe at Home and in their Community DVD

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An adult at risk may be a person who:

  • is elderly and frail due to ill health, physical disability or cognitive impairment
  • has a learning disability
  • has a physical disability and / or a sensory impairment
  • has mental health needs including dementia or a personality disorder
  • has a long-term illness / condition
  • misuses substances or alcohol
  • is a carer, where the person meets the definition
  • is unable to demonstrate the capacity to make a decision and is in need of care and support.

Members of the Board work together to agree strategies, procedures, training and resources to safeguard adults at risk. The Board also produces an Annual Report that is available from the website and in Surrey libraries. Please see the following sections for more information on Board:

  1. Multi Agency Procedures, Information and Guidance
  2. Serious Case Reviews
  3. Annual Reports
  4. Safeguarding Publicity materials
  5. Newsletters
  6. Training Strategy and Courses
  7. Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board guidance on safeguarding meetings
  8. Missing Persons Protocol
  9. Multi Agency Recording Guidance and Best Practice 
  10. Safeguarding Self Assessment
  11. Safeguarding resources - helpful information from non-Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board sources
  12. Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board Multi Agency Competency Framework
  13. Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board Choking Prevention Policy
  14. Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board Strategic Plan
  15. Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board meeting notes.


When abuse does take place, it needs to be dealt with swiftly, effectively and in ways that are proportionate to the issues and where the adult in need of protection stays as much in control of the decision making as possible. The rights of the individual to be heard through this process are a critical element of the drive towards more personalised care and support. These webpages will therefore be of help to members of the public as well as safeguarding practitioners.

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  • Updated: 03 Jun 2013
  • Elizabeth Butcher
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