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Highways information reporting


If you have asked for a response we will aim to fully respond to you within 28 days, and during quieter times we will respond to you much quicker.

If you have reported a highway problem we will investigate the matter as soon as possible and decide what action we will take. If the problem could be hazardous to road-users we will repair the problem within 28 days (and sooner depending on how hazardous the matter is).

The reporting web pages are not designed for emergency situations and you should call 0300 200 1003 immediately if you feel it is an emergency.

If the problem is not hazardous, we will take one of the following courses of action:

  • Depending on the problem, if there is a dedicated budget available we may add the problem to our planned programme of works, in which case it may take up to six calendar months to be completed by our teams.
  • On investigation, if we identify that there is an underlying problem, or wider issue, it will need to be planned out as a bigger piece of work - for example the whole road surface needs replacing – we will add this to our major maintenance works programme and it will be listed alongside other similar roads for our surface treatment works. Please note that such work is usually carried out in the summer months and only those roads at the top of the list will be selected for treatment.
  • We may make a decision dependent on safety and the budget available, to record and monitor the problem, adding it to our programme of regular safety inspections.

If you have reported a highway problem caused by a private landowner (for example an overgrown hedge from private land) or a utility company, we will contact the third party and ask them to correct as soon as possible. We would usually expect a private landowner to correct the problem within one month, however utility companies are likely to prioritise work depending on the severity and it could typically take up to three months to be resolved.

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  • Updated: 20 Nov 2015
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