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Guildford, Godalming and Haslemere bus timetables

Below are the bus timetables in service number order for the Guildford, Godalming and Haslemere areas including Bramley, Chiddingfold, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Elstead, Ewhurst, Farncombe, Gomshall, Hindhead, Horsley, Merrow, Milford, Normandy, Putternham, Send, Shackleford, Witley and surrounding areas.

Please note: If a service is marked as 'due to change' please check the Forthcoming bus timetable changes page for the most up-to-date information.


Services from KITE to 29

Bus service number Operator Route location
KITE Stagecoach Aldershot, Tongham, Ash, Normandy, Fairlands Estate and Guildford
3 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

 Guildford, Guildford College and Bellfields

4/5 Safeguard (low floor vehicle) Guildford, Woodbridge Hill, Southway, Park Barn, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford Park and Guildford (circular)
8 Carlone Buses The Mount to Guildford
14 Carlone Buses

Park Barn to Guildford

17 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Guildford - Wood Street/Fairlands (circular)

17  Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

 Whitehill, Bordon, Rowledge, Wrecclesham, Farnham and Aldershot

18  Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

 Haslemere, Hindhead, Lindford, Whitehill, Bordon, Wrecclesham, Farnham and Aldershot

19  Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

 Haslemere, Hindhead,  Churt, Farnham and Aldershot

17/18/19 summary Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

Farnham - Aldershot

18 Arriva Guildford, Farnham Road Hospital and Onslow Village
18X Stagecoach

Haslemere, Shottermill, Hindhead, Grayshott, Headley Down, Lindford, Whitehill to Alton College

This service is due to change 2 November 2015

24 Buses Excetera (low floor vehicle) Guildford, Shalford, Bramley, Nanhurst Corner and Cranleigh
23/25 Buses Excetera (low floor vehicle) 

Guildford, Charlotteville, Merrow, Shere, Gomshall, Peaslake, Ewhurst and Cranleigh

26  Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, University, Royal Surrey Hospital, Park Barn Drive, Rydes Hill, Stoughton and Guildford

27 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, University, Royal Surrey Hospital, Park Barn Drive, Rydes Hill, Stoughton and Guildford 

28 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Woking, Wych Hill, St Johns, Knaphill, Brookwood, Pirbright, Worplesdon, Stoughton and Guildford

This service is due to change 2 November 2015  

29/50/433/522 Buses4U Cranleigh/Forest Green, Ewhurst, Walliswood, Oakwoodhill, Ockley, Warnham, Broadbridge Heath and Horsham

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Services from 030 to 38

Bus service number Operator Route location
030 National Express

London, Wandsworth High Street, Guildford, Hindhead, Havant, Portsmouth and Southsea and Fareham

32 Compass Bus/Buses Excetera (low floor vehicle)

Redhill, Earlswood, Meadvale, Reigate, Betchworth, Strood Green, Brockham, Dorking, Westcott, Gomshall, Shere, Albury, Chilworth and Guildford

34/35 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

34 - Guildford, Slyfield Green, Jacob's Well, Sutton Green, Westfield, Woking, St John's Knaphill, Bisley, Lightwater, Bagshot and Camberley
35 - Guildford, Slyfield Green, Mayford, Woking, St Johns, Knaphill, Bisley, West End, Lightwater, Bagshot and Camberley

This service is due to change 1 November 2015  

36 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Manor Park, University, Guildford, Burpham, Merrow and Guildford

37 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

 Guildford, Merrow, Burpham, Guildford, University, and Manor Park 

38 Arriva

 University term time only - Manor Park, Sports Park, Guildford University

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Services from 40 to 125

Bus service number Operator Route location
40 Abellio Surrey (low floor vehicle) Burnt Common, Ripley, Send, Old Woking, Woking
42 Compass Travel (low floor vehicle)

Cranleigh, Nanhurst Corner, Alfold Crossways, Dunsfold, Loxhill, Hascombe, Busbridge, Godalming, Catteshall, Farncombe and Guildford

43 Buses Excetera  Cranleigh, Rowly, Shamley Green, Wonersh, Shalford, Farncombe and Godalming Sixth Form College
45 Buses Excetera - school buses Busbridge and Rodborough School
46 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

Weybourne, Farnham, Elstead, Shackleford, Hurtmore, Godalming, Farncombe, Compton and Guildford

53/63/63X Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, Bramley, Wonersh, Shamley Green, Cranleigh and Ewhurst/Rudgwick, Slinfold and Horsham

59 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Grayswood, High Lane Estate, Haslemere, Shottermill, Woolmer Hill and Hammer Hill Estate
65 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

Guildford - Puttenham - Runfold - Farnham - Bentley - Froyle - Alton (connections at Alton for Alresford and Winchester)

This service is due to change 9 November 2015  

65X Stagecoach Hook, Hartley Wintney, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Crookham, Ewshot, Upper Hale and Farnham
69 Compass Bus Alfold, Loxwood, Kirdford, Wisborough Green, Pulborough, Arundel and Worthing
70 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, Peasmarsh, Farncombe, Godalming, Milford, Witley, Brook, Haslemere, Fernhurst and Midhurst

70/71/72 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, Peasmarsh, Farncombe, Godalming, Milford, Witley, Brook, Haslemere, Fernhurst and Midhurst

91 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

Woking, Marston Road, Sythwood, Goldsworth Park, Knaphill, Sainsbury's, Brookwood and Pirbright

125 Buses Excetera Guildford Bus Station, Shalford Rail Station, Chilworth Station, Albury, Shere, Merrow and George Abbot School

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Services 462 to 489

Bus service number Operator Route location
462/463 Arriva (low floor vehicle)

462 - Woking, Send, Burnt Common, Burpham and Guildford
463 - Woking, Send, Burnt Common, Clandon, Merrow and Guildford

477 Buses Excetera

Guildford, East Horsley, Effingham, Great Bookham, Leatherhead, Ashted, Epsom Hospital, Epsom, Burgh Heath and Banstead

This service will be withdrawn on 17 October 2015  

478 Repton's Coaches(low floor vehicle)

Guildford, Merrow, West Clandon, West Horsley, East Horsley, Effingham, Bookham, Leatherhead and Woodbridge

Guildford, Merrow, East Horsley, Effingham, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Ashtead and Epsom
479 Buses Excetera

Epsom, Ashtead, St Andrews School, Leatherhead, Fetcham, Bookham, Howard of Effingham School, West Clandon, Merrow and Guildford Bus Station

This service is due to change on 17 October 2015  

489 Buses Excetera 

Leatherhead, Fetcham, Bookham.

This service will be withdrawn on 17 October 2015  

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Services 503 to 599

Bus service number Operator Route location
503 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle)  Lane End, Hambledon, Hydestile, Godalming, Farncombe, Bramley, Wonersh, Blackheath, Chilworth, Shalford and Guildford
504 Waverly Hoppa (low floor vehicle) Clovelly Rd, Hindhead, Lion Lane, Shottermill, Haslemere, Grayswood
505 Waverley Hoppa (low floor vehicle) Northchapel, Fisher Street, Gospel Green, Haslemere and Shottermill
515 Abellio Surrey (low floor vehicle)

Guildford, Ripley, Wisley, Cobham, Esher, Lower Green, Imber Court, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton, Surbiton and Kingston

520  Stagecoach Aldershot, Ash Road, Tongham, Ash Green, Shawfields, Ash, Normandy, Fairlands, Royal Surrey County (RSC) Hospital, Park Barn and Guildford
523 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Guildford, Shalford, Blackheath, Wonersh, Bramley, Shalford, Farncombe, Godalming, Busbridge and Milford Hospital 
525 Carlone Buses  Albury, Chilworth, Cranleigh 
533 Carlone Buses  Ewhurst, Walliswood, Forest Green, Ockley, Dorking and Ranmore 
538 Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Stoughton, Bellfields, Slyfield Green, Jacobs Well, Burpham Sainsburys 
545 Carlone Buses  Walliswood, Holmbury St Mary, Guildford 
599 Carlone Buses  Holmbury St Mary, Forest Green, Ewhurst, Cranleigh, Smithwood Common, Wonersh and Guildford 

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Services from 678 to 697

Bus service number Bus operator Route location
678 Reptons Coaches  Ripley, Ockham, West Horsley, East Horsley and Howard of Effingham School 
690 Abellio Surrey  Worplesdon, Stanford Common, Pirbright, Pirbright Camp, Brookwood, St Johns, Kingfield Green 
694 Carlone Buses  Tongham, Ash, Normandy, Christmaspie, Puttenham and Broadwater School 
697 Carlone Buses  Onslow Village, Guildford Park and St Joseph's School 

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Services 701 to 997

Bus service number Bus operator Route location
701  National Express

 Woking Station and Heathrow Airport

996 Richardson Travel Chiddingfold to Liphook (Bohunt School)
997  Richardson Travel Beacon Hill, Hindhead, Grayshott and Bohunt School 

Other services

Service Route location
Compo Community Bus Compton, Puttenham and Godalming
Farley Green Taxi Bus Farley Green, Little London, Brook and Albury Heath area

Park and Ride

Bus service number Bus operator Route location
100/101 Park and Ride Stagecoach/Arriva (low floor vehicle) Guildford Town Centre and Spectrum Leisure Centre (including Park and Ride Service) 
200 Park and Ride Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Park and Ride Service: Artington - Guildford Town Centre 
300 Park and Ride Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Park and Ride Service: Merrow - Guildford Town Centre 
400 Park and Ride Stagecoach (low floor vehicle) Park and Ride service: Onslow - Guildford Town Centre
802 Hospital Park and Ride Arriva  Royal Surrey Hospital - Westway Park and Ride 

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