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Listed buildings and conservation areas

Listed buildings

Surrey has a number of buildings of historic interest.

If you own a listed building you will need listed building consent to make alterations. You may also need planning permission. Decisions regarding this process are the responsibility of your local district or borough council.

The Images of England website is a useful website for finding out about listed buildings in your area (please note that for a full search you have to register online - a quick process). If you are unable to find a listed building on this website it may be that this is because the building's name has been changed – please contact your district or borough council for a definitive ruling on whether a building is listed via the links below.

The English Heritage website can provide you with more information on listed buildings, including how to apply to have your building listed. A document providing basic advice called "Listing has changed" can be downloaded from the English Heritage website.

Anyone can apply for a building to be listed. If you wish to have a building considered, you should write to English Heritage at:

The Heritage Protection Department
English Heritage
1 Waterhouse Square
138-142 Holborn
London EC1N 2ST

Tel 020 7973 3000

The application should be supported by as much information as possible, including:

  • The address of the building
  • The reasons why you believe it may merit listing
  • Clear original external and internal photographs
  • The name and contact details of the owner
  • A location map

The more information that is supplied the quicker a listing application can be dealt with.

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Conservation areas

There are 200 conservation areas in Surrey. The first tranche of designations related to the historic town and village centres, but the conservation areas designated more recently recognise the importance of specialist sites such as Brooklands motor racing circuit, the Wey Navigation and the Epsom hospital sites.

Responsibility for the day-to-day management of conservation areas, preparation of character appraisals and schemes for their preservation and enhancement rests with the relevant local district or borough council.

For queries about conservation areas, please contact your local district or borough council via the links below.

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